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Mercer Island Basketball Community:

It’s spring time and that means that Coach Cree’s Island Hoop Camps are right around the corner! Registration is open now. Island Hoop Camp is once again partnering with the MI Boys & Girls Club to provide high quality basketball camps on the Island. All camps are led by Coach Gavin Cree, head boys basketball coach at MIHS, and his staff of former high school, college and current professional players. Registration will run through the MIBGC website. All camps will take place at PEAK on Mercer Island (4120 86th Ave. SE, Mercer Island). REGISTER HERE.

Island Hoop Camps focus on the fundamental skills of basketball – footwork, shooting form, ball handling, passing, finishing, defense and competition. Island Hoop Camps are open to players entering grades K-8. The “Island Fundamentals” camps take a comprehensive approach to player development in grades K-8, while the “Island Skills” camps, designed for entering grades 5-8, hone in on specific aspects of the game.

Players entering grades 5-8 are encouraged to attend the Island Fundamentals Camp (Camp 2) as a prerequisite for participation in the Island Skills Camps. Please contact Coach Gavin Cree with any questions at

While there are many camp products available during the summer, Island Hoop Camps teach the core skills needed for players dreaming to play at the next level. We provide a camper-coach ratio of 8:1 for the Island Fundamentals camps and a 6:1 ratio for the Island Skills camps. Island Hoop Camps are available for players on or off-island and are open to all skill levels and genders.

June 22nd – 25th
Camp 1: Island Fundamentals, Grades K-4, 9:00-12:00
Camp 2: Island Fundamentals, Grades 5-8, 1:00-4:00

July 28th – July 1st
Camp 3: Island Fundamentals, Grades K-4, 9:00-12:00
Camp 4: Island Skills: Handling the Rock, Grades 5-8, 1:00-4:00 (28th & 29th only)
Camp 5: Island Skills: Shooting the Rock, Grades 5-8, 1:00-4:00 (30th & 1st only)

Island Fundamentals (Grades K-4) -- $175
This is our traditional camp which builds all of the basic fundamentals for young and developing players.  Our staff divides into two groups, based on age and/or skill level.  Footwork, shooting, ball handling, finishing and team play will all be emphasized.  Team and individual competitions are consistent throughout the week to create an enthusiastic and motivating atmosphere to improve!  Campers love their experience at this camp year after year.

Island Fundamentals (Grades 5-8) -- $175
This camp takes our traditional Island Fundamentals camp to the next level.  Campers are divided into two divisions based on age and skill level and are run through an intense hour-long series of 8 stations focused on various facets of the game.  Shooting, ball handling, passing, attack moves, post play, individual defense, moving without the ball and rebounding/fast break, amongst others.  The remainder of the camp focuses on team play, as players are divided into teams and compete for a weekly championship.  This is a fun and competitive camp that also packs in a lot of instruction.  An essential for the serious hoopster!

Island Advanced Skills - Handling the Rock (Grades 5-8) -- $99
Ball handling is the most important skill in the game of basketball today. You can't get shots unless you can take care of the ball! Whether you are slow or fast, big or small, everyone needs to learn how to handle the basketball. The secret to developing these skills? Spend time with a ball in your hands! Or two! Our camp can start you on your way to becoming a better ball handler by focusing on the following aspects: hand quickness, ball control, change of speed, change of direction, using your body to shield the defender and playing with your head up. This camp aims to develop players who can control the defense and get out of trouble when necessary. Ball handlers always find their way on to the court at every level! Campers are asked to complete the Island Fundamentals camp (Camp 2) in order to participate in this camp.

Island Advanced Skills - Shooting the Rock (Grades 5-8) -- $99
Shooting is a critical skill to any basketball player. You can't win unless you put the ball in the basket! Shooters find their way on to the floor for any team. This camp takes the fundamentals built in our Island Fundamentals camps and takes them to the next level and beyond! The coaching staff starts by breaking down the correct shooting form and trains players out of the bad habits that plague inconsistent shooters. From there, we will begin to build efficient shooters by focusing on the footwork, balance, release and follow through. Eventually, our goal is to develop a shot that can be repeated time and time again with confidence at game speed. Campers are asked to complete the Island Fundamentals camp (Camp 2) in order to participate in this camp.

Honoring Coach Pepple: plans to come in the future

Please email MIBBBC@GMAIL.COM with subject "Coach" to be added to our mailing list, and to remain updated on the program's plans to celebrate the life of Coach Pepple





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The pandemic has hampered most of our usual fundraising activities for 2020-21. We are counting on the support of the program's parents, alumni, and friends, in order to maintain our usual level of training, coaching, and player activities. If you are in the position to donate, we hope you'll consider supporting the Islander Basketball Program this year. 


Just in time for holiday shopping, we're excited to introduce a huge new selection of Mercer Island Basketball apparel. The new store has over 60 items, with something for every hoops fans in your life. Whether getting ready for the (eventual) start of the season, buying new masks for the family, or just looking to rep the Islanders in front of a warm fire this winter, we have something for everyone. There are even ample personalization options so you can support your favorite baller!


Thank you for your ongoing interest in, and support, of the Mercer Island Boys Basketball program. We hope to see you at a game in 2021 - GO ISLANDERS!


In sports, the conventional wisdom is that it's impossible to follow a legend. Someone forgot to tell Coach Gavin Cree. Eleven years ago, Coach Cree was named the successor to Hall-of-Fame coach Ed Pepple, for whom he played (and won a state title). All he's done since is win five KingCo Coach of the Year awards. The fifth came for the 2019-2020 season, as Coach Cree was honored for the Islanders' undefeated league season. Nice work (again), Coach - the Island is lucky to have you.

MIBBBC Scholarships

Thanks to  the generous contributions of our MI basketball community, including your membership with the MI basketball booster club, scholarships are available for the Boys Basketball Select and high school team travel.  

Our scholarship application form is below.  If you are interested, please download the form and send to

Go Islanders!

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